Why should one run? Because...

  • The beat volume of your heart increases.
  • Your pulse decreases at same work.
  • You get more blood vessels in your muscles.
  • Your blood vessels strengthens.
  • Your colesterol level decreases.
  • Your blood pressure decreases.
  • You get a better oxygen absorption capacity.
  • You produce less lactic acid at same work.
  • Your muscle strength increases.
  • Your joints, ligaments and tendons strengthens.
  • The density of your skeleton increases.
  • Problems with your back are prevented and mitigated.
  • Your stomach and guts work better.
  • You long for healthy food.
  • The tendency of your thrombocytes to stick to each other decreases.
  • Your sensitivity to insulin decreases (less risk of diabetes).
  • Your stamina improves.
  • You can stand heat better.
  • Your metabolism increases.
  • Your immune defence strengthens.
  • Your body learns how to burn fat.
  • Healing processes of your body get faster.
  • Your body weight gets normalized.
  • You sleep better.
  • You can stand pain better.
  • The risk of many deseases is reduced, among them cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer.
  • Your intelligence improves.
  • Running has a strong anti-depressive effect.
  • You feel stronger, brisker, steadier, healthier and happier.
  • You can transport yourself quickly without using any vehicle.
  • It is fun and feels good to run, especially when you are fairly trained. how can anybody do without running?

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