Why should one be a vegan? Because...

  • You get more vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • You get less toxics, insecticides and hormones.
  • If you are sensitive to milk or eggs (which many are without knowing), you will feel better.
  • Meat costs three times as much as leguminous plants (lentils, beans, peas).
  • Leguminous plants expand when cooked while meat shrinks.
  • It is better for the environment, since less energy, water and area is needed in the production of vegetables.
  • It is impossible to produce meat for all 6 billion people on this planet. Soon we will be 10-15 billion.
  • It is optimally kind to animals, since (almost) no animals have to die or suffer for your food.
  • It is satisfying without making you gorged.
  • Unopened packages of plant milk (soy, oat, rice etc) can be kept for months in room temperature.
  • You will suffer less cases of food poisoning.
  • It is colorful and beautiful.
  • It has an abundance of variation. how can anybody do without being a vegan?

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